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Trying to decide between all of the Lubbock landscaping companies? At Lubbock Landscape, we provide premier landscaping to Lubbock TX and surrounding areas. Our network of local contractors has years of experience to bring your dream yard to life. We want each and every one of our customers to be proud of their yard and lawn. We want to be the Landscaping Lubbock TX relies and depends on.

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Our Process

We at Lubbock Landscape Offer Comprehensive Plans

Consultation and Quote

Contacting us is the first step toward getting that landscape of your dreams. We will work with you in understanding your needs and always keep it all within your budget.


Our skilled and creative landscape professionals know how to develop your needs and personal style into a design that you will love by transforming your yard, patio, or outdoor living spaces into the oasis you’re dreaming of.

Build and Installation

Executing the design is where it all comes together. We will create an amazing landscape that will increase your home or area’s value and that you will enjoy for years, all done in a timely manner.

landscaping Lubbock TX
landscaping companies Lubbock TX

Residential & Commercial Services
Landscaping Lubbock TX

We offer Services for Your Residential and Commercial Needs


Residential landscaping significantly improves your home’s outdoor space with living elements. Lubbock TX Landscaping will do everything necessary to clean up your existing landscaped areas and get everything trimmed, pruned, and healthy. We know exactly how to create an attractive garden, patio, or any outdoor living space. Our landscaping professionals will think of all the necessary details to build your perfect outdoor spaces.


Commercial landscaping improves your commercial area with living elements. We can meet your business’s needs, by designing, installing and maintaining commercial properties throughout the Lubbock area. We will give your establishment just the right first impression. Our thoughtful landscape designs draw people in. Let our landscape professionals take care of all the work for you.

landscaping Lubbock, TX

Our Specific Services

Landscape Design & Installation

Our expert contractors work with you to develop and design a landscaping plan to fit your unique wants and needs, while the installers bring these designs to life.

Maintenance Services

Our landscapers provide seasonal maintenance services – which includes spring clean-up, edging, mulching and trimming. This will help keep your property pristine year-round.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

Have you been losing the battle against weeds? Our landscapers will provide targeted treatments to eliminate the weeds.


Ensure you lawn and landscaping remain adequately hydrated throughout the summer by adding a custom irrigation system. One of our contractors can help design, install and maintain your irrigation system.


Whether you would like a walkway, patio, retaining wall or other feature, our network of landscaping Lubbock TX contractors will work with you to design and execute your request.


By adding some lighting to accent your landscaping and home, you will add curb appeal and functionality as you are able to enjoy your property all day and night.

landscaping companies Lubbock TX
Let's Make Your Property Beautiful And Green!

Why Lubbock Landscape?

If you are looking for quality Landscaping Services in Lubbock, Texas, we are always ready and willing to tackle any project you might have in mind, no matter how big or small. When you trust us with your project, we will provide the highest quality results. Our network of contractors will ensure you are satisfied with their product and provide exceptional customer service.

We can tackle any landscaping project from a simple flower bed clean up and planting or your commercial business needs. We have the skills and experience to do it all. Quality landscaping Lubbock TX residents can rely on with expert design and installation resulting in your ultimate satisfaction. Lubbock Landscape is a great option to make your landscaping dreams become a reality.

landscaping Lubbock TX

A Few Notes About Landscaping Lubbock, TX chooses

Our network of landscape contractors are able to work with you to achieve your yard and landscape goals. They have combined years of experience.

Our contractors take pride in their results and want you to be satisfied with the end product.

Compared to all Lubbock landscaping companies our services that we provide come with affordable / competitive prices and they are willing to work with any type of budget you might have.

Key Benefits of Lubbock Landscape:

  • The quality of work is ensured by expert designers / landscapers 
  • Save time and pain
  • Increased curb appeal & value of your home 
  • High quality tools and materials
  • Professional project planning
  • Professional installation
  • Accomplish your goals within your budget

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